Payroll and HR Services

A suite of integrated services to make workforce management easy.

Flexible and simple to use, Heartland Payroll eliminates the hassle and confusion often related to workforce administration. It is a secure, online platform that integrates your workforce management activities, including payroll, hiring, time tracking, HR and integration.

As your business grows, so do your responsibilities, making it increasingly difficult to keep up with workforce management and compliance. It is easy to get overwhelmed and make incidental mistakes. Heartland Payroll improves accuracy by automating and streamlining activities to save you both time and money.

Unlike competitors’ one size fits all solutions; Heartland Payroll eliminates the headaches of disparate systems with one unified solution to meet your unique business requirements. As a result, you realize improved efficiency and productivity, while also reducing back office expenses.

Payroll and HR Services

One Integrated Suite of Available Options

Heartland Payroll

Simplifying payroll processing, tax management and integration.

  • Payroll Processing: Pay employees by direct deposit, check or pay card. Employees can receive an automatic email notification when they view their pay information.
  • Payroll Taxes: Provides full-service tax management, including tax calculation, tax filing, and automatic tax payments.
  • Integrations: Exchanges information with 401(k), Pay as You Go Workers’ Comp, General Ledger and more.

Heartland Hire

Simplifying recruiting, onboarding and WOTC.

  • Recruiting: Applicant tracking system allows youto post to job boards, collect applications, track and identify top candidates, and send offer letters.
  • Recruiting: Quickly verifies new hires are eligible to work in the U.S. to comply with all federal hiring regulations.
  • Onboarding: Electronic onboarding enables you to send new hires an onboarding packet in seconds
  • So they can complete required documentation, such as Forms 1-9 and W-4, direct deposit information, signatures for policy documents and more. Once approved, the data is automatically entered into the payroll system. WOTC: New employees are screened to determine Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) eligibility that can provide you up to $9,600 per new hire in tax credits. When eligible, they are flagged so you can elect to have credits certified and processed.

Heartland HR Services

Simplifying human resource and personnel management.

• Human Resource Information System: A built-in electronic employee file system securely
stores employee data in the cloud, including emergency contacts, certifications, trainings, and employee reviews.
• HR Support: The HR Support Center serves as your single source for critical materials, such as
customizable forms, employee handbook templates, company policies, training materials and more.
• HR Support: Talk to a SHRM certified HR professional when you need help understanding labor laws, ensuring your policies are compliant or addressing tough employee issues.
• Labor Law Posters: Receive current state and federal labor law posters, and alerts when new versions can be downloaded.

Heartland Additional Services

Simplifying Integrated Services.

• EASE: Automatically pushes new hire information, benefit additions or changes, and employee updates into the payroll system with the click of the mouse. Eliminates duplicate entries and manual keying errors, while automating the updating of deductions during open enrollment.
• ACA: Tracks employee eligibility for health insurance and employer Affordable Care Act (ACA) status. Lets you know when employees become eligible for health care coverage, and automatically prepares, prints and files required 1094-C and 095-C forms for the IRS.

Heartland Time

Simplifying time tracking, scheduling and PTO.

• Tracking: Capture employee work times using mobile, GPS and facial recognition. Records late arrivals, early departures and unplanned absences.
• Scheduling: Build and manage employee schedules easily with drag and drop technology, while estimated payroll costs are automatically calculated.
• Scheduling: Employees can view and swap shifts through a mobile app, with approval by supervisors.

PTO: Easily manages Paid Time Off (PTO), including vacation, state-mandated sick days, time accrued, used and available, as well as requests and approvals.


Unified and flexible to meet your business requirements – now and as your grow.

Connects payroll, hiring, time, and HR solutions to streamline back office operations, and exchanges data with accounting services, workers’ compensation, 401(k), point of sale and more.

Intuitive and easy-to-navigate. A single point of data entry reduces mistakes. View all your activities and generate re-built reports from any Internet connected device.

Keeps You Compliant
A personal service representative who understands your business, serves as an extension of your team and your single point of contact for all service needs.
Additional services can include access to SHRM certified HR professionals who can provide guidance on HR issues, labor laws and compliance with federal, state and industry regulations.

Protects Your Data
Industry leading security technology, controls and
compliance protect your data from security breaches.
Set user rules and security levels to manage data access.

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