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Online eCommerce Payments Solutions

Heartland’s eCommerce solution, Realex, provides a complete online payments solution that is always protected, always connected, and compliant with the latest regulations.

  • Accept payments online, by phone, and by setting up subscription payments
  • Service level of 99.997 percent
  • No single point of failure at infrastructure or application level
  • Realex Payments is PCI-DSS v3.2 Level 1 compliant

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Benefits of Realex

Online eCommerce Payments Solutions. Benefits of Realex

Integration Options

Realex Hosted Payment Solution

PCI Requirement = 4%

  1. Customer hits pay on merchant’s website.
  2. Merchant’s website makes a query to Realex.
  3. Realex generates payment form and presents it to the customer on the merchant’s website.
  4. Customer completes payment on merchant’s website while all their data is encrypted and stored on Realex servers. The merchant is no longer responsible for customer data.

Realex API

Realex API

PCI Requirement = 96%

  1. Customer hits pay on merchant’s website.
  2. Merchant collects payment data, storing sensitive information on their server.
  3. Realex receives card data for processing.
  4. The merchant is responsible for all customer data.

Hosted Payment Solution

The Realex Hosted Payment Solution provides complete control of the payment journey on your website, without the associated PCI DSS costs.

Hosted Payment Solution

Select from a choice of PCI DSS compliant integration options to maximize conversion across any device.

  • Less compliance costs, more control: Customize your payments page to maximize conversion and store customer card details in our v3.2 Level 1 compliant environment.
  • Simple integration: We maintain a suite of PCI compliant integration options, SDKs and shopping guide integrations, all available through our Developer Hub.
  • Maximize conversion: Deliver a smooth user experience, with helpful prompts and a payments page that adapts to multiple languages across any device.

Realex API

The Realex API delivers a completely customizable online payments page and full control of your online payments environment and the customer payment journey.

Realex API

Retain complete control of the payment journey and just transmit transaction details to Realex.

  • Complete control: Maintain full control of the complete customer payment journey, end-to-end, on your website.
  • Simple integration: Integration with the Realex API is simple, with support every step of the way, along with everything you need through Developer Hub.
  • Maximize conversion: Build a tailored payment journey that suits your business, your website and your customers, maximizing conversion and revenue for your business.

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